Wildwood Trust - Kent
This section is about Wildwood in Kent

Wildwood is located in a wooded section of the Kent countryside, behind a set of small industrial units.

It is a little gem to British wildlife and a lovely day out for the family. There is a good path that takes you round the site. The current aims of the Trust are to buy more of the woodland that they are in so that they can extend the site and increase the enclosure size to create a more natural environment.

At the center they have everything from reptiles and rodents to boar, deer and my reason for going - Wolves. The day I visited they had a total of 17 wolves, which are related to the European wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (UKWCT). In fact the original wolves they had - Luna and Apollo - were the two that Roger Palmer, founder of the UKWCT, imported into the UK and was the first to successfully breed European wolves since in the UK since the last was killed in Scotland around 1743.

Whilst their wolf breeding has been exceedingly successful it is unfortunate that the space in the enclosure is not really large enough for such a number of wolves. With this in mind a decision has been taken to relocate some of the wolves. I believe that 3 of them are imminent and possibly another 5 in the near future. This would reduce the main enclosure to a much more managable 7 wolves.

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My first visit to Wildwood was on January 8th 2005 and you can see the pictures here.