Anglian Wolf Society - Bedford
This section is about the Anglian Wolf Society near Bedford

The Anglian Wolf Society is just off a main road near Bedford screened by a nice thicket where they have a 1/4 acre of leased ground.

They are potentially looking for a different location, so if you know of anywhere in the locality, preferably with access to woodland, please let me know and I will pass on the information.

They are very similar to most other wolf organisations in the UK in that they are a private membership only Trust.
When you join, you will receive details on when and where you can visit. You have to be over 8 years old for admission to the center, over 14 for going on a walk and over 18 to be able to volunteer.

There is a small, cohesive group of around 20 core staff who man the site 24 x 7 x 365. There are additional volunteers who help out with other tasks. Like the UKWCT they are fully funded by the membership.

They do shows, have a visitors center and a selection of merchandise too.

The Society has 2, Cheza & Peyto, wolves which they have had since pups. They were born at Wildwood in Kent and are related to Alba, Lunca and Latea.

My first visit to the Anglian Wolf Society was on January 19th 2005 and you can see the pictures here.